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Silwana Holding
UAE: # 101 Yes Business Tower, Al Barsha 1,Dubai.
Silwana Holding
Lebanon street 58, Office 110 Mouhandseen Cairo
Silwana Holding
Garden City Khartoum Sudan
Silwana Holding
#38 Jalan Mengkudu, 83000 Batu, Kaula lampur.
Silwana Holding
Ivory Coast
#19, Building 23, Boulevard de Marseille Zone 4, Abidjan
Silwana Holding
3rd Floor, Raed Khalaf Center,Amman Jordan.
Silwana Holding
Istanbul ili, sisli ergenekon mah building no 179 office 2.
Silwana Holding
Silwana Holding
L-501, Raksha Addela, Gaur City 2, Noida Extension, UP, India


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The company’s mission is to be the most trustworthy investment enterprise in the world with a presence in all verticals that are present in the industry. This includes investment in the field of agriculture, information technology, and cryptocurrency, one of the most leading organizations in the investment revenues. In the near future, it hopes to be the major business enterprise in the UAE.
The company appreciates that the future will greatly rely on revolutionary Technology, vibrant infrastructure, and digital currency. As such, it is ready to leverage the challenges that are presented and change it into an opportunity for growth and development. It is a vision that seeks to come up with an invincible way of conducting cross-cutting trade across all industries.
The company takes into consideration the ethical values underpinning Islam and religious diversity. Therefore, it emphasizes honesty, transparency, and unity in the conduct of business. Additionally, it holds that the MLM and cryptocurrency that Silwana Diamond seeks to introduce will bring together the economy within a centralized environment.
Our experts in market experts offer the best services in wealth and asset management, capital market, and trading with Risk Management, lots of companies can trade but without managing the risk.
Silwana Holding
Silwana Holding

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Investments for Sustainable and High Worth Return.,Fueling with Next Generation Power Technologies.

We have successfully bagged multimillion-dollar projects and completed them with satisfying smiles on investors’ faces.

  • Food & Farmer Marketplace.
  • Power Generators & Machines.
  • Livestock Products.
  • Power Generators Rental.
  • Silwana Infotech.

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